Real Estate Investing 101

Taxes Are the Worst Part of the Game

While paying taxes is inevitable, multifamily syndication investors can take advantage of depreciation, cost segregation analysis, and various deductions in order to minimize the impact of taxation on their return, and use cash out refinancing and 1031 exchanges to grow their profits tax free over time.

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The Risks of Multifamily Investments

Even though multifamily real estate is one of the safer asset classes to invest in, like any investment, there are still risks involved. The current market conditions, the property management team, the condition of the building itself, and certain financial aspects of the investment can all have a huge impact on the success of your investment.

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Passive or Active?

There are many ways to invest in real estate. Success can be achieved passively or actively. This article explores the pros and cons of each to help guide you to the strategy that best fits your investment goals.

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Drastically Decrease Your Tax Liability With Depreciation and Cost Segregation

The wealthiest people in America tend to have one thing in common. They own real estate and use depreciation to reduce their tax liability.

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Top 10 Famous Real Estate Investing Quotes

Here's a collection of real estate quotes from some of history’s greatest minds. Reflect on these quotes the next time you need a little motivation to keep going in your real estate journey.

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10 Key Multifamily Real Estate Terms For Passive Investors

Here are 10 multifamily real estate terms that are essential for investors to understand when evaluating passive investment opportunities.

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Multifamily vs. The Stock Market

A battle of two asset classes. Read our comparison of multifamily real estate investing and stock market investing.

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Multifamily: Non-Recourse Debt

An overview of non-recourse debt, what the term means, why it's significant, and how we use it in our multifamily real estate investing business.

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The Role of an Asset Manager

In the Commercial Real Estate industry, an Asset Manager is the equivalent of a CEO in other types of businesses. Here's a review of the what that role entails, how it differs from Property Management, and what it takes to this successfully.

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Why Multifamily?

This may go down as one of the best times in history to invest in multifamily real estate. There are more people renting, rents are going up, and interest rates are at historic lows. This article explains why multifamily is the ideal investment.

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Single Family vs Multifamily

This article examines the pros and cons of both single-family and multifamily real estate investments.

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