Passive Investing

Why Do So Few Retirees Own Income Properties?

According to a recent study, the majority of Americans rely on social security, pension plans, and investment accounts as sources of retirement income, with real estate being one of the least popular choices. There are several reasons, however, why retirees may want to take a second look at investing in rental properties, especially multifamily.

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What sources of capital can I use to invest passively in multifamily syndications?

Many people who want to invest passively in multifamily real estate don’t because they think they don’t have enough capital. In this article, we discuss a handful of creative sources you can tap to gather the funds needed to invest in a multifamily syndication.

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Using Multifamily Investing to Fund College Education

College education costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many parents find themselves financially unprepared. Here's an example of how income from multifamily investments can be used to fund a child’s college education.

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Key Questions To Ask When Performing Due Diligence On Your Deal Sponsorship Team

Some deals aren’t worth your investment. For effective decision-making and sound investing, establish a baseline with these key questions.

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Self-Directed IRAs

An overview of Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts and how they can be used for real estate investing.

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Coronavirus Fears Cause $3.4 Trillion Stock Market Loss

In March of 2020, coronavirus fears caused a sudden 11% drop in the stock market. This example of unpredictable stock market volatility shows us why diversifying into "alternative" assets like real estate can help preserve wealth.

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