Coronavirus Fears Cause $3.4 Trillion Stock Market Loss

In March of 2020, coronavirus fears caused a sudden 11% drop in the stock market. This example of unpredictable stock market volatility shows us why diversifying into "alternative" assets like real estate can help preserve wealth.

In March of 2020, COVID-19 hit the United States. The American economy began shutting down and the resulting panic caused the stock market to plummet.

When severe stock market dips like this occur, many Americans loose tons of money in their retirement plans.

Throughout it's history, the stock market has always recovered after huge crashes but, we never know when or how long that will take. Meanwhile, many people planning to retire soon will have to work extra years to retire with enough to feel secure.

This is why diversification is important. It’s a fundamental financial principle that lots of experts preach. When there's a loss in one part of your portfolio, and a win in another, it all balances out.

I don't plan to rely on the stock market for my retirement. I rely on my growing portfolio of rental properties so I stay pretty calm when the market takes a dive.

In fact, I get a little excited. Especially, when I see interest rates fall. That's my cue to buy more!

Investing in rental property offers stability because people will always need housing, even during recessions. In fact, rents often go up during recessions because people lose jobs, lose homes, or just decide to downsize.  

Recessions create more demand for rental property. When demand for rentals goes up and the supply stays fixed, rent prices go up.

It’s basic economics.

Oh, and then there's those tax benefits!... More on that another time.

The downside is that investing in real estate is not as easy as buying stocks online. It's a business. It takes knowledge, careful analysis, and operational skill.

That's where we come in. We work hard to source promising passive real estate investment opportunities on behalf of busy professionals like you. We structure deals so that you can invest alongside of us into larger properties with better economies of scale than we could each achieve on our own.

Don't let stock market silliness derail your financial freedom strategy.

Invest in multifamily real estate.

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